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Ghazzy's PoE Guide Hub - All Builds and Guides (PoE Lake of Kalandra 3.19) (1) GhazzyTV


All My Build Guides

This section lists all my guides on PoE Vault, making it easier for you to find my content on the site. You’ll find crafting guides, currency making guides, mechanical, gearing & league guides on top of the long list of build guides on this page!

These build guides are listed in tiers based on how comfortable they are to League start with, some of these builds may require uniques like Ghazzy's PoE Guide Hub - All Builds and Guides (PoE Lake of Kalandra 3.19) (2) Death's Oath, but they are usually readily available during League launches, as well as being playable without having to completely respec your character once you acquire the necessary unique items.

The ranking within the tiers themselves is subjective, and generally builds within the same tier will have similar power levels at equal investment. If your favourite build isn’t in S or A tier it doesn’t mean the build is incapable of doing end-game content, it may just require more investment.

3.19 Updated Builds

S Necromancer Poison Animate Weapon A personal favorite for the nostalgic Diablo 2 feeling
S Necromancer Absolution Sentinels One of the best boss killing summoner build around
S Inquisitor Eye of Winter Miner A build made by PathOfMatth which is a crazy league starter with absurd boss killing capabilities with almost no gear or currency invested
S Necromancer Dark Pact A personal favourite being an absolute monster at league starts with crazy high budget potential
A Elementalist Lightning Conduit Elementalist New skill that has started to take over the Meta
A Occultist Chains Of Command Animate WeaponConsistent all round build with high boss dmg potential and satisfying clear
A Necromancer Soulwrest The niche Phantasmal minion build taken to the highest end-game with proper speed while keeping the budget down
A Necromancer Physical Golem Physical Carrion / Stone Golem Build, extremely good on both low & high budget
A Necromancer Summon Raging Spirits The classic SRS build fine-tuned to perfection in terms of league starter budget to an end-game machine
A Necromancer Dominating Blow Lovely league start build with high end-game capabilities
B Occultist Death’s Oath Death’s Oath Unique body armor for a juicy Righteous Fire like play-style doing chaos damage instead of fire
B Necromancer Holy Relic Necromancer One of the faster minions builds that allows for an active playstyle while being able to face tank on the top end
B Assassin Blade Blast Bladefall Poison One of the most popular league starter builds of late, handles the hardest end-game on SSF gear with ease
B Hierophant Ice Spear Freezing Pulse Totem Super solid league starter build with crazy end-game capabilities
B Hierophant Forbidden Rite Totems Solid league starter with more reasonable damage output as of the totem HP nerfs that came in 3.16 patch notes

Builds Not Updated And Legacy for now

*?* Occultist Chaos DoT One of the most commonly known league-starter build guides in the entire game!
*?* Necromancer Mage Skeleton Not viable anymore, maybe High Budget later in the League
*?* Occultist Cold Snap Vortex DoT Not viable anymore, maybe High Budget later in the League
*?* Necromancer Pure Spectre Summoner Not viable anymore, maybe High Budget later in the League
*?* Necromancer Lich Queen Skeleton Summoner Not viable anymore, maybe High Budget later in the League

I am constantly trying out new builds & ideas, this list will expand as long as I’m playing the game.

Ghazzy’s Crafting & Gear Guides

This page lists all of Ghazzy’s crafting guides on PoE Vault. Links to guides will be added as more of them are published.

Crafting in Path of Exile can be extremely complex and rather daunting for new players, and the video below will outline the most basic information you’ll need before diving into the midst of crafting specific items.

Generic Basic Crafting Processes:

Item Specifics
ShieldHigh Life or ES + ES or Life on block
HelmetHigh ES
BootsMovement speed + Life or ES
Body ArmorHigh Life or ES
Physical WeaponHigh pDPS
Wand Generic +2 Minion Wand
Cluster Jewels Lightning Cluster Jewels

Advanced Specific Crafting Processes:

Due to extensive changes to Harvest in 3.19 Lake of Kalandra I’ve taken my advanced crafting processes down and will add guides here when time allows with updated information!

Gearing guides

Animate Guardian Gearing Animate Guardian Gearing Guide

Endgame & Profit strategies:

How to make currency A guide for how GhazzyTV makes his currency more or less every league
Atlas Tree Strategies A compendium of easy to run Atlas strategies for a stress free endgame experience
Guardian Farm StrategyA simple profit making strategy involving Shaper & Elder Guardians
Alva Temples Profit MakingRunning Alva and selling or running temples yourselves can be extremely profitable

There are more guides to come, so feel free to come visit us on discord if you’d like something specific added to this list and I’ll put it on my to-do-list!

Other guides

Headhunter Item Guide

3.13 Ritual League Mechanic Guide

3.19 Lake of Kalandra League Mechanic Guide

This page will be updated as further guides are created.


  • Added SRS Necromancer build.

  • Added Blade Blast Bladefall Assassin build to the list.

Ghazzy's PoE Guide Hub - All Builds and Guides (PoE Lake of Kalandra 3.19) (2024)
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