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Publication Order of The Housemaid Books

The Housemaid (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
The Housemaid's Secret (2023)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
The Housemaid Is Watching (2024)Description/BuyatAmazonUK

Publication Order of Dr. Jane McGill Books

The Devil Wears Scrubs (2013)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
The Devil You Know (2017)Description/BuyatAmazonUK

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Suicide Med / Dead Med (2014)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Baby City (With: Kelley Stoddard) (2015)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Brain Damage (2016)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
The Perfect Son (2020)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
The Ex (2020)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
The Surrogate Mother (2020)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
The Wife Upstairs (2020)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
One By One (2020)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Want to Know a Secret? (2021)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
The Locked Door (2021)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Do Not Disturb (2021)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Do You Remember (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
The Inmate (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Never Lie (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Ward D (2023)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
The Coworker (2023)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
The Teacher (2024)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
The Boyfriend (2024)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
The Crash (2025)Description/BuyatAmazonUK

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

The Psyching (2015)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
The Gift (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK

Publication Order of Anthologies

11 out of 10 of Humorous Medical Short Stories(2015)Description/BuyatAmazonUK

Freida McFadden
Freida McFadden, a number one Amazon bestselling author, is a practicing physician that specializes in brain injury that has penned multiple Kindle bestselling medical humor and psychological thriller novels.

She lives with her black cat and her family in a centuries old three story home which overlooks the sea, with staircases that moan and creak with every step, and no one could hear you if you scream. Unless, maybe you screamed really loudly.

Freida’s debut novel, called “The Devil Wears Scrubs”, was released in the year 2013.

“The Devil Wears Scrubs” is the first novel in the “Dr. Jane McGill” series and was released in the year 2013. Jane McGill, a newly minted doctor, is in hell. Not literally, fortunately. But between the sleepless nights she spends on call, her drug addict patients, and battling wits with the charming yet sad*stic Sexy Surgeon, Jane cannot imagine an afterlife that is worse than her first month of medical internship at County Hospital.

Then there is the devil herself: Dr. Alyssa Morgan, Jane’s senior resident. Alyssa becomes absolutely hellbent on making all of the new interns pay tenfold for the deadly sin of incompetence, Jane begins to worry that she might not make it through the year with her soul or her sanity remaining intact.

“The Devil You Know” is the second novel in the “Dr. Jane McGill” series and was released in the year 2017. Dr. Jane McGill is currently in heaven. She has a great job at a VA hospital, a loving husband, and an adorable daughter. Granted, it would be that much more wonderful if her preschooler didn’t wake her up at three in the morning, and it’d be a miracle if her husband would change the toilet paper roll once every millennium. Still, in many ways, she lives the ideal life that she had always imagined.

Then she learns that Dr. Ryan Reilly is the VA’s newest vascular surgeon and is Sexy Surgeon and the biggest jerk that she has ever loved. Ten years prior, she broke up with the Sexy Surgeon so she could marry the Nice Software Engineer. However while crevices and cracks show up in her marriage, she cannot help but begin wondering what her life would be like had she made a different decision. Or if it’s not too late to change her mind.

“Suicide Med” is the first novel in the “Prescription: Murder” series and was released in the year 2014. Southside Medical has been nicknamed “Suicide Med”, and for good reason. For the previous six years, every first year student has taken his own life. Except for last year. The previous year was a murder-suicide.

The press points to the heavy workload as being the culprit in the high suicide rate. Some of the students believe the school is cursed. Others believe that the deaths might not be suicides at all, that is no coincidence that Dr. Conlon, Southside’s beloved yet quirky anatomy professor, joined the staff the same year the suicides started to happen.

Either way, the same question echoes through the minds of each first year student at Suicide Med. Who’s going to be next to die?

“Brain Damage” is the second novel in the “Prescription: Murder” series and was released in the year 2016. Dr. Charly McKenna, after putting in years of hard work, has finally got it all. Spacious apartment overlooking Central Park? Check. Prosperous career as a dermatologist? Check. Handsome attorney husband? Check.

Until one night, a bullet rips on through the right side of her skull and she loses it all. While Charly begins to struggle to recover from her brain injury, she starts to realize that the events from that fateful night are trapped in the damaged right side of her brain. Now she’s got to put the pieces together in order to learn the identity of the man that attempted killing her, before he can finish the job he began.

“Baby City” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2015. There are just three things that are certain in this world: babies, death, and taxes.

Nobody is more aware of this truth better than Emily McCoy, a third year resident that works in Baby City, the affectionate nickname for the busy Labor and Delivery unit at one New York City hospital. On an average day in Baby City, she delivers more babies than the number of hours of sleep she can squeeze in that same night. And certainly more than the number of dates that she has been on since she began her training in OB/GYN two years prior.

While Emily works tirelessly to safely herald scores of babies into the world, she gets acquainted with the three hard facts of Baby City: Babies always come when you don’t want them to. Babies never come when you want them to. And you don’t know who your real friends are until your baby slides down the birth canal.

“The Surrogate Mother” is the second stand alone novel and was released in the year 2018. Abby wants a baby more than anything else. However after years of adoptions that have fallen through and failed infertility treatments, it seems that motherhood isn’t in her future. That is, until Monica, her personal assistant, makes a generous offer which is going to make all of Abby’s dreams come true.

However it turns out that Monica is not who she says she is. The woman now carries Abby’s baby has got an unspeakable secret. And she’ll stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Freida delivers a thriller filled with plot twists and suspense with masterful writing with some intriguing situations and some enthralling characters. Some of these characters you will absolutely love and some you just want to punch in the face since they are villainous. It is an action filled story which is sure to keep you glued to the pages the entire time. It is a well written novel and the descriptive words are on point and make it feel like you are watching the story unfold right in front of you.

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  1. Zora Adams: 4 days ago

    I have read 12 of your books. I love them all so much, won’t read any other arthhors books unless I run out looking for another one of yours. From Paris, Tennessee


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