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Emily, or Zoe if you’re on her discord, is a Conan Exiles guide contributor and long-term fan. She’s been raiding bases since its release, mixing in some Rust, Archeage, Apex Legends, Hearthstone, Don’t Starve, and Horizon Zero Dawn. Video games have been a core aspect of her life since she was a child with an N64. When she needs a break, she’ll switch genres and start a new kind of adventure, though survival games have always been a favorite.

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Table of Contents

  • TL:DR: Elevate Your Base Build
  • My Experience with Elevators in Conan Exiles
  • Elevator Basics
  • How to Build a Vertical Elevator
  • How to Build a Horizontal Elevator
  • Using an Elevator Against the Purge
  • Using an Elevator in a PvP Environment
  • Go the Distance
  • FAQs - Conan Exiles Elevator
    • Question: How do you place a vertical elevator in Conan Exiles?
    • Question: How far can an elevator run in Conan Exiles?
    • Question: Where is the switch for an elevator in Conan Exiles?
    • Question: Can other people use my elevator in Conan Exiles?

In Conan Exiles, we go up, and we go down, but we also go side to side. You may have gotten very used to climbing steep cliff faces. You may even have started building stairs when you needed a reliable way up and bridges when you needed a reliable way across. The dangerous terrain of the Exiled Lands can take some patience and practice to navigate. What if I told you there is an even more elegant solution?

You may have guessed from the article title that I’m talking about the Conan Exiles elevator. Whether you’re using them to navigate difficult terrain out in the world or as a defensible entrance to your base, elevators are a nice quality-of-life improvement. The map in Conan Exiles is full of intimidating pillars, steep ravines, and shear cliff faces. Elevators make a lot of sense for traversing them or for supplementing a hard-to-reach, pillar-style base.

TL:DR: Elevate Your Base Build

An elevator in Conan Exiles is a quick and easy solution to terrain and building challenges, whether intentional or naturally occurring. There are two types of elevators you can build: the horizontal elevator and the vertical elevator. The horizontal elevator moves side or side or with the horizon.

The vertical elevator moves up and down or ascending and descending. These elevators can traverse up to 32 foundation blocks (as a measurement) in a straight line. The elevator is controlled by a switch inside of its cabin, not at the ends.

Elevators are perfect additions to hard-to-reach bases. If the only entry point is an elevator, you’ll have an advantage over raiders that didn’t come prepared. However, anyone can control your elevator. The best way to utilize an elevator well on a PvP server is actually to store it in a chest when not in use.

My Experience with Elevators in Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles Elevator Guide - Conan Fanatics (3)

I’m not much of a pillar base builder, but when I am, I pretty much exclusively use elevators for their access points. I like to build the most obvious elevator (or bridge) to my fun entrance. This entrance is trapped with explosive panels, gas panels, fake walls, a maze, or anything else I have room for. After all that, the only place it leads is often a cliff face or a cave filled with explosives.

I then try to make a well-disguised back entrance, and I pack up the elevator that services this hidden entrance whenever I’m not using it. It’s best if this entrance is difficult to see from the ground. While it has its own defenses, its primary defense is that it is not as obvious as the fun entrance and, therefore, less likely to be raided.

Elevator Basics

The requirements to build an elevator are surprisingly low. They may seem like complicated base mechanics, but they are clearly meant to be available and utilized fairly early on. You’ll only have to be level 19 to learn the elevator feat, which will teach you the recipe for both vertical and horizontal elevators. Additionally, you’ll need to have built a carpenter’s bench.

After learning the feat and building the bench, take 30 iron bars, eight-shaped wood, and ten twines to the bench to craft your elevator.

The elevator is controlled by a skull switch inside the cabin. Anyone can use this skull switch to control your elevator, even your enemies. It cannot be controlled at the landing pads and cannot be stopped while in motion.

How to Build a Vertical Elevator

Conan Exiles Elevator Guide - Conan Fanatics (4)

Elevators can be tricky to place, but not when you know a little more about how they work. A vertical elevator transports the player up and down, similar to what we call elevators in the real world.

The vertical elevator must be placed from the top down. This means that you’ll need to construct your highest point for your vertical elevator first, but be careful not to make it higher than 32 foundations. If the height you need to traverse is greater than 32 foundations, you’ll be making two elevators.

Once you snap your elevator to its highest point, a landing pad will automatically be generated at its lowest possible point, in a straight line, within 32 foundation blocks. If the landing pad is not exactly where you want it, you’ll need to adjust the elevator from where you placed it at the top.

Fortunately, they are easy to pick up. They will clip through a decent amount of environment if necessary, so you can try snugging them very close to the edge of a cliff, even if that cliff has some obstacles in the elevator’s way.

How to Build a Horizontal Elevator

Conan Exiles Elevator Guide - Conan Fanatics (5)

A horizontal elevator in Conan Exiles moves from side to side. While we wouldn’t call this an elevator if someone built one in the real world, it makes sense for Funcom to lump it into the same category in Conan Exiles. Horizontal elevators are much easier to place than vertical elevators. There is no restriction on which side may be placed first.

You must still avoid large obstacles with a horizontal elevator, or the landing pad will try to place prematurely. As with the vertical elevator, the horizontal is able to scooch past some minor obstacles along its path. The horizontal elevator can transport players up to 32 foundation tiles. If you need to go further than 32 foundation tiles, you will need to build a second elevator.

Using an Elevator Against the Purge

Maybe the bad guys of the purge don’t have thumbs, or maybe they have too many thumbs. In any case, they are unable to operate an elevator. This makes a horizontal elevator incredibly convenient for setting up a nasty purge pit. If your horizontal elevator spans a ravine, and this is the way the purge has chosen to come at your base, and the bottom of the pit is full of spikes, then collect your elevator and watch them march right into your trap. If you do not collect your elevator, they may destroy it before reaching the trap.

The trick to deploying a purge pit as your primary defense is making sure that this route is the only route the purge sees to access your base but that it is still well connected to your base. Unfortunately, if the game doesn’t feel that it can access your base at all when it spawns, the purge will spawn inside of your base.

Using an Elevator in a PvP Environment

Other players are capable of operating your elevator, and therefore, you must be careful using them when using them on a PvP server. Elevators are great additions to a pillar-style base. They make great access points for you and your clan while making it difficult for enemy clans to raid your base.

The switch for the elevator is inside its cabin, so it goes without saying that you should ensure the elevator is sent back up before logging out for the day. The tricky part is what to do with the elevator when you leave to go forage.

If you simply send it back up, you won’t be able to reach the switch when it’s time to return to your base. Instead, try picking the whole thing up. The most helpful way to use an elevator while playing on a PvP server is to put it away or hide it when not in use.

Additionally, hiding it or keeping it in your inventory will keep players from using it to their advantage if they gain access to your base. It’s always best to store an elevator than leave it out.

Go the Distance

Conan Exiles Elevator Guide - Conan Fanatics (6)

Building an elevator is no doubt one of the more satisfying ventures in Conan Exiles. They work relatively well without being plagued by the type of bugs that are associated with features of their type, but they are one of the most convenient additions you can install on a pillar-type base. Whether you’re using them to ascend to your castle in the sky or to cross a treacherous moat to your fortified bunker, elevators make the base-building experience in Conan Exiles much more versatile.

Of course, these items can always be improved. Because the switch for the elevator is located in its cabin, it can be difficult to utilize it as intended. If you leave it up, there will be no way to get it back down.

The solution for elevators is the same as the drawbridge: designate a thrall to attend it. If Funcom is ever able to add this functionality, elevators will become even more popular on PvP servers than they already are.

FAQs – Conan Exiles Elevator

Question: How do you place a vertical elevator in Conan Exiles?

Answer: You must place a vertical elevator from its intended highest point in Conan Exiles. This feature may be to keep players from accessing areas they have yet to climb, honestly. The elevator will automatically place a landing pad at the first viable area along its path, up to 32 blocks away.
The elevator will clip through some minor obstacles, but if the landing pad does not make it all the way to your destination, you will need to adjust the elevator from the top. If your destination is longer than 32 blocks away, you will need to build two elevators.

Question: How far can an elevator run in Conan Exiles?

Answer: An elevator can run for 32 foundation blocks. They are easy to pick up if you’ve misjudged your distance.

Question: Where is the switch for an elevator in Conan Exiles?

Answer: The switch for your elevator is the skull inside the cabin. It cannot be controlled from the landing pads. It also cannot stop prematurely, even if you push the switch.

Question: Can other people use my elevator in Conan Exiles?

Answer: Yes, other people can use your elevator. Even your enemies can use your elevator. Consider picking it up and hiding it if you cannot send it back up to your base without inconveniencing yourself later.

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