1989 GMC Sierra C1500 SLE for sale by owner - Nampa, ID - craigslist (2024)

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1989 GMC Sierra C1500 SLE Regular Cab Short Stepside PU.

Consider 1960's-1990 older Chevy/GMC PU in partial trade (must be running and drivable.) Approximate trade of $5000 value.

Fully customized! This is a classic pickup in high demand. Check out prices on Auto Trader Classic for 88-98 stepside pickups both GMC and Chevy.

Only 157,000 miles since new. 35 years old so only driven 4,500 miles a year. Extremely well maintained.

This is the desirable OBS (Old Body Style). It is also a GMC and about 3X rarer than similar Chevy models. GMC installed small sport mirrors vs the larger Chevy mirrors, so I purchased a wide angle panoramic rear-view mirror that allows you to see vehicles on the left and right sides easily.

Note the billet grille and Halogen and Led lights front and rear. Old School pinstriping on hood, tailgate, and doors. Has a Snugtop fiberglass tonneau cover with new lift struts. Locks.

10 bolt posi Eaton clutch style (new) differential with new rear drum brake components axle seals, etc. New front suspension. New front disc brake components. Lowered 2” front and 4” rear with new shocks. KYB gas front and Bell Tech gas in rear.

Original 350, 5.7L V8 runs excellent, new tune up a with Bosch twin iridium spark plugs and HP Jeg’s wires. Fully serviced. Transmission is 700R4 4 speed A/T with overdrive and it has been rebuilt. No leaks for either. Transmission shifts perfectly.

Brand new Kenwood Bluetooth stereo with phone microphone and new Memphis speakers.

Wheels are American Racing Torque Thrust II Vn515 17” wheels with American Racing 3 bar corvette flag style spinners. Tires are 255/60r17 with good tread, but older.

Recent burgundy metallic paint to original color. Has SS rocker panels, SS fender trim and wind deflectors on windows. Front bumper is a smoothie bumper, not original and looks best without the license plate, but a front license is required in Idaho. Glass is tinted to 25% and looks great.

New Bosch wiper blades. Comes with a new HP Jegs HEI distributor if you ever want to eliminate the computer. Has a frame mounted receiver hitch and a 7-pin plug, if you want to tow a classic RV behind it.

Differential ratio is 3:42, but it comes with new set of 3:73 ring and pinion gears, if you want a better towing or performance ratio. Currently cruises at 75MPH and the tachometer is at 2,000 RPM.

Interior is a silver/gray and is in excellent original condition as are the headliner and carpets. New Armor All black mats. Has a cool billet Banjo (old Ford) style steering wheel. Also has a small Auto Gage tachometer mounted just below the circular speedometer.

This is a head turner everywhere I go. Guys pull up to me on the freeway with a thumbs up. Has newer A/C unit that blows cold. Heater works excellent and radiator was recently flushed with new antifreeze added. Hoses and belts are excellent. New Interstate battery.

Has all original tools and original 15” spare mounted under bed. Had undercarriage Sano-blasted (dry ice) and then black rubber undercoated. Looks new. Originally a California pickup. Have both a Car Fax and Auto Check report on this vehicle.

Has a steel cowl induction hood like late 60’s Camaro’s. 2” rise. Only rust I have found on this truck is at the inside bottom of the passenger door, where water leaked down the glass. Has new window seals. No dents on the body. Paint in great condition, but passenger top of fender starting to show minor oxidation. Have not tried to polish it out yet. Rear bumper has a small dent the size of a 50-cent piece.

Original exhaust replaced with all new aluminized tubing from exhaust manifolds back. Single exhaust replaced with dual exhaust. Has a new hp catalytic converter, new muffler and dual slash cut exhaust tips that connect from the 2.5” to 3.5” tip. It is not obnoxiously loud, but has a deep throaty hot rod sound. Nice look from back. 4 exhaust tubes.

Nothing to do but enjoy this ‘Old School’ low rider, pickup. It runs, drives. Looks and sounds excellent. Just had a thrust alignment completed.

Power locks work, power windows work. Everything in working condition. Have $24,000 in it and will provide copies of all receipts.

I am almost 73 and I really enjoy the older style pickups. I live near the Boise Airport. If you want to fly in and check it out, I can meet you at the airport. I would not be afraid to drive this cross country. It is reliable. Please call me with questions Kurt. If you decide to transport my zip is 83686. Will cooperate with transport company of your choice for loading.

Reason for selling…disabled and going in for third foot surgery. Will not be able to drive for about 4+ months.

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1989 GMC Sierra C1500 SLE for sale by owner - Nampa, ID - craigslist (2024)
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